Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 29 2017 Love of life

April 29 2017   Love of life

The past week and the week to come has been very emotional for me.  Lou lost his son, I lost my 2nd step child........Lou's first son through his marraige to Annette.  This time has shown me several things that I knew, but never realized before. sueWe must love life for all the warts and wrinkles.  Growth is in this little package also....

We live, we grow, we change, and when it is all over, and a new life appears on the horizon because of what we left behind.  Then the real blessing starts.....the beauty of continuing life and learning.

April 31/17. On my walk today

Today, April 29 my Stepson Jeffrey Allen Collins passedfrom this life into Heaven.
I met Jeffrey and his sister Janet when I married their father, Lou, Oct 7 2000.  What a very happy day for Lou and I.  Meeting his first two children.

When Lou took me to meet Janet and Jeffrey they were sitting side by side in a wheelchair designed to make their lives comfortable.  These two beautiful  children were conceived in love and both were born into a life of pain and changes.  Like most babies, they grew daily and developed into very observant and lovable children....then like a nightmare in their 5-6 year they changed. They regressed in development.  Annette and Lou lovingly took both children to many doctors, and finally months later a diagnose was given.  San Filippo desease.  The cause,  both parents had the same gene absent from their body makeup.  Janet and Jeffrey would continue to degenerate for the remander of their lives,  which Lou was advised would last approximately 15 years until they would pass nto a better place.

Flash ahead to say, approximately 37 years later.  Today we say goodbye to a beautiful soul.  Jeffrey is flying free and waiting for his sister to join him in a better place.

This photo above to me represents life.  Death in the lying tree, life blooms again eternally in the spring daffodils that are beside the tree.  All those dried and brown leaves, they represent to me, memories of the life we all live.  To me this is nature's glory in the circle of life for each of us.

Jeffrey here is my prayer for you.  May your new wings fit better than your human boday, and may your next life be fulfilled with everything you did not get to experience in this life you left today.  Janet will come soon looking for you. and I know you will be waiting for her, just as these many years you sat side by side in your special chairs.

Rest in peace, my precious stepson. Dad and I miss you so much already.

Posted by Denise Collins April 31/17

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things happen in 3's, or so I have been told

May 25, 2016
The Way of Three.....
So things happen in 3s i have been told.  
1: went out to yard last night to plant some annuals.  Opened the door on the hose holder to get the spray gun.....was bombarded by five or six wasps who were fleeing.  They didn't get me, but when I ran backwards I managed to trip over my sandals and down on the left Butt Cheek I went. Pain from there right up to my head...ache resulted and as the night progressed I could hardly walk, or get up and down.  No sewing and eventually just took my sore little butt to bed.... easier to get up and down, but sewing is just a pain,,,so not sitting to do that until maybe later tonight.
May 26, 2916

So item #2
......But we know things happen in threes, so #2  incident for me.  B12 needle this morning, so went to Petrolia for coffee.  Minding my own business when suddenly this lump of something went into my mouth.  Thankfully, I did not swallow but instead spit it out. There on my plate, a wood bug, out flat, drowned or cooked first, not sure which,,,,,it was about 1/2" long and all. its little legs jagged edged.....not going there again.  I actually went to mgr with this.  They returned cash back for our 2 coffees.....and a free refil in a takeout cup.....after that feeling and memory, I just couldn't even try it.....Meanwhile Lou had sent a msg to Tim's headiffice...not fun at all.

So what is next.????

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Never Too Old to Learn.....or Be Afraid to learn by mistakes

Never Too Old to Learn, or Humble enough to accept when it isn’t right!
Well, I have been doing this now for quite a while, but because I choose to do everything in this BUCKET LIST from scratch, I want to share with you that I have learned a new way of paper piecing. more peeling from the back of the block when all sewing is completed.

November 21 two friends and I got together ((Lyn G and Yvonne T) for an afternoon of complete fun, learning and sore cheek bones by the time we finiished our lesson. Lyn is such a relaxed teacher, that even when things didn’t work out, she kept both of her students feeling as relaxed and even making wierd comments. is a little of a recap of the finished pieces.

By the way, if you want to check out this new method, then here is a web site for you to look at in your own spare time. Go to: and you will get the idea from the video.

Here are the paper pieced blocks I completed from Lyn’s personal instructions.
 1st block Log Cabin with a red heart fire center represented
2nd (top block) was a lesson from Lyn which I finished at home later. 

3rd block....well I had so much fun that I decided to try the block yet!! This is such fun.
4th block, I was getting a bit too confident. So this was my learning block. Notice that everything is off center, causing the block to come out incorrectly.

So OK one more try with the freezer paper before I decide to stop for this learning time. I know I’ll be back. Never Too Old to Learn, or Humble enough to accept when it isn't right!
This will be a block which is going to be included in a quilt for a friend in one of my groups on line. She is going through some personal issues right now.

2014 December 6th
  as I believe this will be my new way to paper piece henceforthwith (big word isn’t it?)

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Tale of Quilting a Halloween Table Runner

2014 Aug 14 Seemed a simple thing to do,
..... make myself a Halloween Table Runner....simple...not so. Stay here a while and I'll share with you my HALLOWEEN HORRORS ..... a tale of tears, trials, and errors...and believe it or not, a happy ending.

It all started when my friends Rose, Anna and I decided to present a night of sharing in November at our local quilting group of other friends. Anna stepped right up to the bar and she made her table runner. Rose will act as our main spokeswoman. So how was I going to participate? (picture a light bulb shining brightly here!).....I know, another friend, Bonita, had just shared a pattern with us.  Yes! This will be my portion. I will make and demonstrate this new idea in easy patterns, which are quick, simple, and very striking when finished.

So you get the picture already don't you.  Now to share with you why I am calling this special, but yet oh so pretty table runner HALLOWEEN HORRORS
Enjoy the tale. 


Yes,using that lesson from Bonita. I have renamed that table runner from Hugs and Kisses to Halloween Horrors. Here has and is my experience so far.

1/ sewed the front wrongly by adding that reverse block pattern.hence I was going to call it  HALLOWEEN HUGS AND KISSES know XOX idea..Wrong, wrong, wrong! None of the seams joined properly and it was a more jagged look. .OK ripped out, resewed it together again, and now it looks great
2/ worked on the back using that reverse block that is no longer showing the X in the middle, sewed strips of same material used on front and left over to each end to complete the look.
3/ pinned both front and back together...back was on strip short on each end.  Fixed that to make the back longer than the front
4/ got it all pinned an quilted looking good and learned how to work with invisible thread on back...looking good All quilted, now to move forward to the binding..
5/ trimmed up all 4 sides to make it all nice and ready for sewing on the black binding
6/ turned it over side at one end goes from 1" short to zip short...the length of one of the blocks on front........I think I what do I do.
7/ I went to Walmart and bought myself a light weight BROTHER sewing machine as I have been telling myself to do since early spring. You know how it is.....when things get stressed, the stressed go shopping. 
8/ I came home and figured out how to fix that horror so it will at least get finished. I joined the short section to some left over strips that I had just cut off while straightening the sides (see #5). Hand stitched everything into place, trimmed again and did a final 1/8" stitch around all 4 sides to be sure I had it right this time.  I DID....whew!
9/ From this point on it was easy, peasy. Cut out my binding, sewed it to the back, turned around and pinned the front binding in place and sat down at my new sewing machine and stitched a beautiful line all around it.  I used thread auditioning the colours of fall. Hunter green, running into gold and then into orange, light cream and black.....boy that made everything pop.

 I named it Halloween Horrors, an cant wait for you to see the finished photos below.  

Oh no wait!!!!!!!

3A/......I took a pen that you can iron off the lines (friction pen) and proceeded to draw wiggly lines all over the lightest area on the front for quilting ideas.  I didn't like the scribbles so tried to iRON them out.  Oh Grasp....I used the wrong pen and ended up with bright green highlighter and it won't iron off......sheesh!

This has been such a disaster that I think for fun and hilarity. it has been a really educational step in my quilting and thank goodness I learned that pride goes before a fall, or Karma Can and Does Kick Butt.....I was so pleased with the progress I was making after step 1 above, that I thought then nothing would stop me now....well it didn't I stop me, but certainly slowed me down and opened my eyes as to what can happen in my quilting life.

So now I will share some photos with you so you can see the "horrors" in full view. Before I do so, I just wanted to say that this really turned out to be a pretty neat table runner and when the green lines disappear I'm going to love it even more. BTW I was able to purchase a lightweight sewing machine a week or so ago. It is a Brother 9130. It comes loaded with lots of neat things, including fancy when you see the photo of the border, yes, that is my crowning glory, and it turned out to be problem free.....well except for a tiny, little section that if I didn't point it out, you might not see that the binding was a bit off.  So please enjoy and remember me on October 31 as I will certainly be enjoying my self.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!!!     :) :) :)
Smiles and giggles
Sept 01, 2014 :)
 *started Aug 18th and finished Aug 31, 2014.....this has to have been my fastest project ever.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Autumn adventure in Mug Rugs

Aug 27 2014    Autumn Adventure In Mug Rugs 
 Fall Colours in all their splendor

I have been having a great, glorious, getting ready for fall here in my Quilting Playroom.   As a member in a group called QUILTERS WHO CARE a lot of the members are partnering up and sending each other a Autumn Mug Rug (or Mug Mat as I used to call them).

This has been my contribution to bring in the fall colours.

Already this summer, yes, it is still summer, driving along the streets of town, or even along the major highways it is very noticeable that fall is creeping in on us with her soft, quiet ways.

With this M.R. I am also staring to downsize some of my stash materials.  You know, out with the old so you can shop for more. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me I have lots to fall back on in my cupboards, shelves, bins, etc, etc, etc.

Now this Autumn M.R. is on its way to a friend in USA, I have already picked out the choice for WINTER Mug Mat.  Stay tuned, when it is finished, I will be placing a photo here in my journal for you to take a look see.

Remember that old school memory work:
Along the lines of smoky hills the crimson forest stands.
And all day long the blue jay calls throughout the autumn land
Now by the brook the maple stands with all her glory spread
And all the sumacks on the hill have turned their greens to reds.

And that my friends is how I felt when I made this Mug Mat/Rug for my friend across the border.

Enjoy this day, as sooner than we know it, we will be deep in the white stuff.

Aug 27 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mug Mat Adventure

Mug Mats???? Ever heard of them?  Do you walk on them, put one under a rocking chair? Maybe even hopes of hopes, never have to take them outside and shake them?  Well, here is an interesting fact about Mug Mats

They are usually 6x9" big, and are made for your pure enjoyment....of a cuppa coffee or tea, and maybe large enough to hold a spoon (be careful, don't want to stain them) and/or maybe a sweet treat.

To make a Mug Mat you would start with some sort of pattern idea.  Worthy Note Here:   I have pinned several samples on my Pinterest account if you want to check some of them out.  (look for Diamond Dee).  There are samples from campsites, to silhouette profiles blowing coloured bubbles,,,,happens to be a favourite of mine.
Too many, in fact, to know which one to choose for your own project. eyes settled on a rainbow coloured sample.  I thought this idea would be fun to try....of course, it was!  So off I went to my scrappy bin and chose all my rainbow colours with flowers in the pattern.  I set to work cutting my 2" hexagons after printing them on the HP printer first, and of course singly cutting each little hex out by hand.

Then I proceeded to glue the paper pattern to the material square of 4" each, and a glue stick works perfect for this step....warning from learning, you don't need a lot of glue, just a dab in the center will work wonders to hold the paper pieced hexie to the material.

Then next step, I measured and marked approx 1/4" all around the pp (paper pieced) hexie and then very carefully cut the extra material off the marked part.
Then I proceeded to hand based the 1/4 seam in place all around the hexie turning the excess material to the back.  And away I went. placing, and whip stitching all the hexagons in place to follow through on my rainbow choice.

Alas, this was going too smoothly. I finished all the hand whipping of hexagons only to was wayyyyyyyyyy to large.  So out came the seam ripper for a bit of "frogging" other words..............rrrrriiiiiippppppp.  So next I measured the size I needed and proceeded to cut it into a 6x9" rectangle.....oh for sakes alive, I trimmed it too small.  So over to my scrap box again and found some material that would fit the bill and could be added to the sides and thereby complete my 6x9" requirement. The material I found was a sample of grassy area...what more appropriate to encase my flower garden.  Of course as luck or lack of skill would have Red and Indigo colour strips were cut part of the rainbow is no more.

To finish my little mug mat and being happy that all was not lost, I found a piece of material that would match and yet keeping with the green grass look, I proceeded to make a self-backing and binding finish.   This wasn't hard to do at all. perhaps being a nice small size helped.  The last step I did was to sign the back of the mat and leave a different sort of quilt label. I thought it was very appropriate and was totally happy with my finished mug mat.

Now you might ask the purpose in making this little event happen. Thanks to an online group I belong to who decided July was a great month to make a mug mat swap, and of which I was quick to join in.......Thank you to the group member (Lois) who suggested our little fun in July.  Now we will be hopefully making one for the seasonal changes, or yearly type holidays.  Stay tuned if I am able to jump in again, you will find more of my mats in this Blog.

Here are some photos I took along the process.  I loved this idea and am now waiting for the arrival of my own exchange to come from one of the other members.  Great fun this July.

Oh yes, Math was never my strongest point! Would you like to see a few instructions and maybe try making some for yourself.....check out these web sites:
Web Sites for a few Mug Mat Ideas:
 That should get you started on your own Mug Mat Adventures.

July 29, 2014